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RE:SHAPE by Irina Shestakova

In this latest online editorial shot by Photographer Irina Shestakova, we are reworking the LBD look with the addition of separates put together to create a fresh and minimal Little Black Dress silhouette. Wearing cut-out designs by Helmut Lang, Rue Agthonis and ByVarga, Gloria's elegant beauty adds to the modern simplicity of the LBD looks created by Ashley Conor.

Gloria at Viva London photographed by Irina Shestakova. Stylist by Ashley Conor.

MakeUp by Aimee Twist. Hair by Kieron Fowles.

Top and Chaps by Dimitris Karagiannakis. Earrings by Shape of Sound. Panty and Tights are Stylist Own
Knit and skirt by ByVarga. Shoes by French Sole
Knit (worn underneath) by Helmut Lang. Mesh overlay by Dimitris Karagiannakis. Skirt by Bec & Bridge
Dress by Rue Agthonis. Earcuff, Apher at YUGEN
Dress by Rue Agthonis. Tights are Stylist Own
Dress by ByVarga. Earrings by Shape of Sound


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