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Updated: Nov 12, 2020


Photographed by Nick Scaife. Styled by Marina German. Words by Charlie Newman.

Makeup directed by Christabel Draffin and applied by Precious

2020 will be a year that marks the history books for many reasons. We are experiencing a pandemic of historic standards whilst simultaneously writing new history books for the future, welcoming diversity and equality for all. For the majority of us work has been a write off this year but nevertheless our minds have still been challenged and expanded. Covid-19 has demanded we pause to think on what really matters and the Black Lives Matter movement has forced us to question and examine how we live our lives, paving a way for a new and improved future.

You have been modelling for for 5 months now. What has been a career highlights for you?

Working for good brands, magazines, great designers and meeting different people. What do you enjoy about modelling the most?

I really enjoy travelling and being able to meet new people. Travel comes hand in hand with working in fashion. Where has been your favourite place to travel to? What would you recommend our readers do/see/eat there?

Well I haven't been to other places yet but I will really say I love London so much, it's an amazing place. London Bridge is so beautiful. Regarding the food I'm not really the type that tries new things so I can't say.

If you weren't modelling what would you be doing?

I'd be a designer because I make bags, design clothes, accessories and home designs with Ankara before I became a full time model.

Dress by Anciela

Where and who have you been quarantining with?

I've been in London and I've been quarantining with my model friend Caren Jepkemei, she an amazing friend. If you could chose one famous person to quarantine with, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I'll say Beyoncé, she's my role model, she's amazing. I love her energy, her encouragement, her motivation, I love her and I'd love to be in quarantine with her. It's very easy to get bogged down with the negatives of Covid-19, but what positives have you taken from this period?

It has been an unforgettable moment, I've really learn a lot, how to make new food, study and I got some dance moves.

Precious walking for Prada FW20 © Image courtesy of Prada

Lockdown has afforded us the time to pause and reflect. What have you learnt about yourself over these past few months?

I really had some changes in my life, I could understand myself really well. I discovered I've been doing some wrong things to my body, now I could understand what to do and what to not do, it was really an amazing experience. What are you most looking forward to post lockdown?

Going back to work, explore more and being able to visit my family in Nigeria.

Dress by Paula Knorr

Only 9% of people would like to return to their former lives pre lockdown. What changes would you like to put in place in your life post lockdown?

I really don't want to change anything, all I want is to focus on my dreams and career. On the topic of change, the Black Lives Matter movement is rightly changing the world one march and petition at a time. It's been a momentous couple of weeks with a lot to process. How did this make you feel?

It has been a very tragic moment for everyone and for me it has been a very sad time, the racism has been there for a long time now and I was a bit happy that one man could change everything, I still have this fear of going out thinking if I am going to be next but I believe God is not dead he is surely alive and he's watching over us.

Dress by Paula Knorr

The fashion industry may celebrate diversity but it still has a long way to go. From your own personal experience and knowledge, where would you like the industry to improve and change for the better?

I really think the changes needs to be from the mindset of some models, the truth is that some models treat you according to the jobs you've done. There are some new faces that have not gotten any jobs yet and others treat them badly. The sun will come out tomorrow, come what may, you make today doesn't mean I will not make it tomorrow. If these changes can be done in the industry I can really see the industry growing bigger than it is now. Whilst BAME models are gracing covers and campaigns worldwide, behind the camera this isn't necessarily the case. Are there any BAME creatives you would like to shout out and share with us?

I want to shout out to Nadine Ijewere. I worked with her in a shoot and she was really amazing. Often the best way to implement change is through educating ourselves inspiring others. Do you have any stories or people you would like to share with our readers?

This story is about me, I am a very hard working person, I really love my family so I had to drop out of school so I couldn't be able to support my family. I never gave up on my dreams and today I cannot ever believe I am here today, it's a dream come true. So for anyone who is thinking of giving up I am telling you never give up, God always have plans for his children only if you believe.

Precious appears courtesy of Titanium Management.

Jacket by Anciela. Top by Carmen Llaguno


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