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Facetime photographed by Mathieu Puga. Words by Charlotte Coquelin.

Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hi! My name is Nuria Rothschild, I'm from Spain but I live all around the world. I'm a very creative and hardworking person. I really enjoy traveling and knowing new places so this job is a gift to me. Also I'm very sociable so I love spending time with my friends and family, I'm always making plans!

How long have you been modeling for?

I was scouted by UNO Models while I was finishing my last year of High School, but internationality I started modelling full-time 4 years ago when I joined IMG.

Where are you isolating and with who?

I'm isolated in Spain with all my family (parents and grandparents), my boyfriend and my little dog.

What is your number one way to pass the time during the quarantine?

As a philosophy of life I always try to see the positive in everything, a good attitude attracts good things, so especially in this time I try to spend more time doing things that makes me happy - like painting and being with my family (as I don’t see them a lot during the year). But I think the most important is to have a balance between being productive, in my case doing designs, shooting or studying (to keep my mind active) and take a breath, relax watching a movie, take long walks in nature or read a book enjoying the good weather on my terrace.

What do you do to stay positive?

As I have more time I can make great designs and illustrations even for some magazines, which gives me a lot of satisfaction and peace. I haven’t shared this facet until now and seeing the great success It's had in networks makes me very happy. Art is always my medicine.

Did you improve your cooking skills?

Well not really haha. I mean I use to cook always when I'm abroad because I enjoy learning new receipts and cooking while I'm listening my music. But now as I'm with my parents I'm their Chef's assistant which also makes me very happy!

Have you done any new form of isolation shoots?

Yes!! In fact I made a very special project with another model friend who is starting in photography, Paula Sanz. We were able to create a wonderful story with imagination and a lot of work. I still can't believe we published our first editorial produced only by ourselves! I can certainly assure that this quarantine has been very productive for me.

What is the first place you want to visit once the world opens back up?

I would love to go to the beach and try to know Spain better, because I’m always working and there are many places that I still don’t know! Besides, I think this is the right time to tour this incredible country around and help to reactivate the economy a little.

Do you think the world will ever be the same?

No, if you look at history after a big catastrophe the world has always recovered to a “new normal”. I think we’ll evolve in the same way, and I hope that we’ll take advantage of it to improve fundamental aspects of our lives, such as strengthening the health system and take better care of the environment.

In this pause nature has recovered a bit and I think we should listen more to what our planet is trying to tell us!

Could you recommend your top 3 books?

The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo.

Stolen Beauty by Laurie Lico Albanese.

Marina by Carlos Ruiz Zaffon.

Top 3 movies?

Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows ( Specially the slow-motion chase that happens in a forest ).

Intouchables by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache.

Interstellar by Christopher Nolan ( I use the soundtrack many times to study, it's incredible!! ).

Nuria appears courtesy of IMG Paris.


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