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Updated: Sep 19, 2018

New York City, Spring Studios Gallery 2

Bahrain based womenswear label designed by Noor Rashid Al Khalifa & Haya Mohamed Al Khalifa launched an ode to the majestic landscape of the dunes, the sea, and the sky merged and combined with each other in the commitment and inspiration of the brand for this next Spring Summer. Sands, pale pinks and blue haze tones that worked alongside a core of clean black and white optics.

Silhouettes are influenced by traditional Middle Eastern costume, and fabrications give depth to the collection through natural fiber qualities. Styling pays tribute to the masculine and feminine, by contrasting clean mannish tailoring and separates worn back to drape, offering fullness and movement.

Words by Andy Durán

Look 1. Manuela Sanchez

Look 5. Irina Kravchenko

Look 10. Marjan Jonkman

Look 13. Sara Witt

Look 18. Aira Ferreira

Look 20. Mariana Zaragoza

Look 23. Estella Brons

Look 27. Elibeidy

Look 28. Jay Wright

Look 29. Sarah Berger

Look 32 -Closed- Blanca Padilla


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