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Matilda is a English born based in New York City since 2016. Scouted during an art class-trip when she was 18 years old, since then she has been a Burberry image and have been spotted in many Vogue issues. Now you can see more on her photography website:

What do you like the most of the industry? What would you change of the industry?

I like the creativity within the industry and the opportunities it gives me for my career later in life. I would change the way models are treated in the industry, I think people believe that it’s “changed”, but there’s still so much background noise of mistreatment that I think needs addressing.

In 5 words, how describe yourself?

Outdoorsy, curious, ambitious, sensitive, tall.

Who do you admire?

I admire many of my close friends and I’m most inspired by them on a day-to-day basis. Industry wise I admire my cousin Adwoa Aboah for being a badass and speaking up about what she believes in.

Read Matilda's full Q&A in Fall Winter 2018 - Issue 1. Get your copy here.

Photographed by Sam Gold.

Styled by Jeanette Reza.

MakeUp by Taka Okada.

Hair by Erica Long.

Matilda appears courtesy of Heroes Model Management.


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