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Freemasons' Hall, London. February 17th

The London debut collection of Chinese knitwear brand JUNNE is inspired by the renowned Mexican female artist Frida Kahlo. Taking the different artistic elements from paintings and artwork by Frida – designer Junne Lau builds the structure of the knit from a single yarn. Expertly weave together a series of 2D texture and 3D shapes; the JUNNE knitwear has been reconstructed. Particularly noting a series taken reference from the skeletons that’s heavily presented within Frida’s paintings – JUNNE shapes the yarns to form bone like texture in maxi cape, fine knitted top and cocoon knitted dress in white. The collection also depicts pain in an ever so modern fashion – sleek metal green sweater; iridescent fluid dress and coats fasten with metal belts, tops pierce with continuous pins. The reference taken are artistic but the interpretation is sleek, concise and modern.


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