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Photographed by Mathieu Puga. Words by Charlotte Coquelin

MakeUp by Virginie Rascle. Hair by Cyril Laforet. Clothes from PaperPool

Where are you from and where are you in?

I'm from Belgium, I'm 23 and I'm living in Paris, but still have my Belgian accent.

What have you learned during this 2020?

2020 made me understand that we have to care about others and especially the people we love. I learned to focus on true life's values.

Did you get to learn something new?

The time we spent at home was helpful to diversify my occupations. I learned sewing (remind me of childhood's memories with grandmothers). I tried to improve my English by watching TV shows, documentaries and I kept doing a lot of sport because I wanted to stay in good shape during that down period as 2020.

Were you able to travel and work overseas during 2020? Did you have to cancel any job opportunities?

The crisis made me cancel my trip to New York. I was supposed to go there for at least 2 months... Next time. This year I was in France and Belgium, and my most important shootings took place in Paris.

What is the place you want to visit once the world gets back to normal?

I would like to go to Asia, I'm curious about it. Actually curious about different cultures, I love food and I want to try all the special dishes from there. And of course, visit some beautiful places.

Use three words that describe best the shoot you did with Mathieu?

Funny / Professional / Creative.

Do you have a green thumb? Do you have some house plant? A little vegetable garden?

I love plants! I have a 4 leaf clover terrarium which brings me luck. And I have a beautiful Pachira in my living room which catch happiness and fortune. And the roses that my boyfriend bought me.

What is your earliest memory with a flower in it?

My mother was a florist. I was born with plants and flowers -laughs-. As a kid, I was making a bunch of flowers with my mother.

What is your favourite flower?

Sunflower because this flower means a lot to me. It reminds me of my grandfather. It was his favourite flower too, and each time I see one it's like he's right here next to me. But I also like roses. By the way, if my boyfriend reads this, it's been almost 2 years... (subliminal message)

What would be the worst type of flowers someone could ever offer you?

Even if I get a dead leave I'm happy. It's the thought that counts. If we all were offering things to each other there will be only love.

What have you started doing this year to help to fight climate change?

Decrease plastic using and do more waste sorting, it's important for the future. I avoid plastic masks so I use more tissue ones. In fact, here's a tip .... DON'T THROW YOUR MASKS ON THE GROUND!

Joy appears courtesy of Oui Management


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