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Paris. March 4th.

The women of Giambattista Valli are inveterate romantics and very feminine. In this fall / winter 2019 collection the designer wanted to symbolically give wings to the feet of the models with the wonderful feather shoes that moved every step and drew that subtle line of sophistication and glamour.

In Giambattista lives a garden full of flowers which we could see in the impressionistic floral prints of the fabrics of many of the garments, as well as animal prints that also sometimes combined with each other.

The suits, the culottes, some leather pants, the odd jumpsuit, and black patent leather curly boots with buckles straps were mixed between the cocktail dresses and the skirt and blouse combos that were adorned with gathers, with bows and with feathers. These combined with the sensuality of the long flowing dresses with front openings and the embroidery, the tulle and the colour turned every moment into the most wonderful red carpet parade.

by Andy Durán


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