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With a conceptual idea supported by "More will always be more" and emphasizing it on more pockets, more bags, and more iconic FF logos. Another luxurious Fendi Collection by the hand of Silvia Venturini Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld. They introduced a Spring Summer full of youth and sport with a clear inspiration to the true essence of 'street-style' that was reflected in the shapes, cuts, structures and the different materials and fabrics used in the elaboration of the different garments that made up each of the looks, where once again they stood out with its own shine the star items of the brand, the beloved accessories.

The return of the seventies Baguette bag was a surprise in its new version along the catwalk accompanied by the updated Peekaboo with pockets on the front with a mixture of PVC and leather, and the re-markers that under my point of view will continue to be the trend accessory of the next season: the belt bags, which in this case evoked the easy-tool belt with several compartments and in different sizes.

Women have always asked for pockets, and with this collection, Fendi has turned the dreams into reality. Yes, more pockets, pockets exaggerated, pockets over pockets. Large, small, creating volumes, and defining the shapes and lines of jackets, blouses, and pants. One more time, the strong presence of brown alongside with other earth tones, together with orange/white created a fresh palette, elegant, and sober. The garments to highlight: the transparent vinyl jackets with the brown maxi pockets in leather, the parkas, the silk blouses and the luxurious version of the bike shorts.

Words by Andy Durán

Look 9. Mica Argañaraz

Look 11. Giselle Norman

Look 4. Edie Campbell

Look 3. Anok Yai

Look 14. Ruth Bell

Look 41. Anna Ewers

Look 31. Sora Choi

Look 23. Bella Hadid

Look 13. Dilone


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