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"It had been a long time since I had the pleasure of coming to London. It was when I came to work at the Royal Ballet that I took the opportunity to organize a shoot with this young and talented actor who I discovered in the new BBC / Canal+ TV show, Marie Antoinette"

Louis Cunningham at Tavistock Wood. Words, styled and shot by Mary Brown.

Turtleneck by Prada. Trousers by Jacquemus

Vintage Coat. Jumper by Louis Vuitton. Trousers by Jaquemus

"It is on a beautiful sunny winter day that Louis and I meet in London, near Russell Square. Having always been a Parisian, I almost forgot how magical this city is."

Suit by Dior. Vintage jumper

"Louis, who plays the role of Louis XVI in the TV show, telling me that he also lived in France and our exchanges then took place in both languages."

Jumper by Arket. Trousers by Saint Laurent. Socks by Ralph Lauren. Chelsea boots, talent's own

"Despite a rather clear sky, it was the beginning of December and the air was freezing. Louis was, however, inspired and focused within each look. It was very interesting to make typical London images - very elegant and raw at the same time - whereas I am used to make those very Parisian images and work in a studio enviroment."

Suit by Benson and Clegg. Vintage jumper and tie. Shirt by Emporio Armani. Socks by Ralph Lauren. Boots by Dr. Martens

"We have thus highlighted his origins and created a parallelism between his role as French King and being an Englishman."

Suit by Dior. Vintage jumper

"I kept the styling very simple. I preferred timeless and elegant cuts to stay consistent with the mood of the story."

Coat by Prada. Jumper by Gucci. Trousers by Burberry

"We finished the shooting where he crosses the street wearing a Prada coat, as if we had met at the exit of his house, that we had strolled in the streets, then we said goodbye to each other at this crossroad."


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