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Dress by Mugler. Cuff by Erickson Beamon

Our cover girl, Cora Emmanuel, has modelled for almost 15 years, working with the likes of Tiffany & Co and Tommy Hilfiger, and has graced the covers of Elle and Vogue, as well as walking for Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu. Whilst most young models battle with the pressures of modelling during their teenage years, Cora relished her experience, “I grew up performing: I danced, I sang, I did theatre and played piano, so for me walking shows were the easiest and most fun because it was my way of staying connected to that part of my life. Also being surrounded by people and connecting with them was also pretty easy for me. I’ve always loved human connection.”

Words by Charlotte Coquelin.

Photographed by Fernando Sippel. Styled by Virginia Ray.

Makeup by Anastasia Durasova at The Wall Group. Hair by Yukiko Tajima.

Casting by Dean Goodman. Cora appears courtesy of The Society Management.

Her most exceptional fashion memory thus far was shooting with industry legend Karl Lagerfeld. “I had to take a moment to myself after I saw him arrive from afar in the studio, to realize what was about to happen.” Next on her bucket list “is to have a worldwide fragrance campaign and to pose for an artist, I like the idea of being a muse.” Cora turns to muses Lisa Bonet, Jane Birkin and Zoë Kravitz as her style inspiration, “I like to dress pretty simple, classic, with a hint of sexy. I like mixing in a little menswear like an oversized blazer or boyfriend jeans.”

Spring Summer 2022 Issue 8 Cover. Dress by Mugler. Cuff by Erickson Beamon

Cora was signed by Elite Management in 2008 after entering their esteemed Elite Model Look contest. Born and raised in Martinique, she spent her entire childhood on the French island. “I am proud to be from there. I felt protected as a kid and close to nature.” Four years later she signed with Ford Models in New York, a city she has called home for the past 10 years, “New York is this small crazy city that smells, is infested with rats and filled with crazy people. It welcomes you with open arms, chews on you and spits you right back out. It’s like a person who wants you there but doesn’t show it. I wouldn’t change a thing though. The excitement it gives you when you have the extreme chance to live here is unmatched anywhere. While it chews on you, let me tell you, the ride is worth it. I also feel like I am a part of a community living here. We are New Yorkers!”

Velvet burnout gown by Norma Kamali. Silk bra and briefs by Fleur Du Mal

Alongside modelling Cora is a passionate philanthropist. She is very engaged in the Black Lives Matter movement as well as working as an ambassador against police violence in America, as well as now helping Ukraine in light of recent events, “I try to be involved in activities that aim to give back and help people the best way I can.”

A creative at heart, Cora would “love to do more of my photography, writing, music or anything else involving pouring my heart into it.” No doubt she’ll succeed at these too if she follows her favourite French motto, “Va lentement, tu iras loin!” Go slowly, you’ll go far.


Varsha Thapa's interview appears in Spring Summer 2022 Issue 8.

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Cuff by Erickson Beamon

White blazer by Atoir. Silk pants by Lola Tara. Necklace by Erickson Beamon. Shoes by Balenciaga

Bra top by Mônot. Gold collar and sapphire studs by Dorsey. Gold ring by Katkim

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