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Turtleneck by COS. Pearl drop earrings Alana Marie

For our new digital story, Australian based-photographer Isa Sanchez and stylist Emma Cotterill play with structured clothing and the curves of the body to create graphic shapes. Monochromatic clothing tones, soft and hard textures juxtaposed with pops of colour from brands such as COS, Nicola Finetti, AJE or One Teaspoon. Hair slicked becomes helmet like-strong, and with this bold and strong looks they project a contemporary heroine.

Corset top dress by Manning Cartel. Leather trench coat and earrings by COS. Shoes by Steve Madden

Turtleneck, socks and heels, all by COS. Trousers by AJE. Pearl drop earrings Alana Marie

Dress by Nicola Finetti. Jacket by Blanca. Silver necklace Alana Marie

Shirt with collar metallic detail by AJE

Jumper and skirt by AJE. Gold necklace by Arms of Eve. Heels by Alias Mae

Jumper and skirt by AJE. Gold necklace by Arms of Eve

Graphic painted shirt by One Teaspoon. Trousers by Blanca. Coat by Manning Cartel. Pearl necklace by Alana Marie. Shoes by Steve Madden

Shirt by AJE


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