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CONCRETE SCARS by Petros Kouiouris

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

In our latest online editorial inspired by the artist Ehab Lofti's abstract paintings of the Nubian people of Egypt, photographer Petros Kouiouris has captured an arresting series of images that reflect on these works shot in a more contemporary studio setting with his own Egyptian muse Rasheed Batiste. He wears a layering of mixed textures to create bold shapes and silhouettes in creations by Kenzo, Issey Miyake, A.Potts, Christian Wijnants and Valeria Flecha.

Grooming by Sophie Hartnett. Photo Assistant, Leiber Alvarez. Styling Assistant, Marley Yanow.

Jacket by Issey Miyake. Leather Jumpsuit, Belt and Wool Opera Gloves by William Stautberg. Combat Boots by Angel Chen
Outer Pant, Inner Pant, Yellow jacket and Black jacket by A.Potts. Jewelry by Austin James Smith. Shoes by Prada
Sweater, Jumpsuit and Gardner by William Strautberg. Rings by Austin James Smith. Shoes by Prada
Jacket by Valeria Flecha. Suit and Tank by Kenzo
Outer Jacket by Christian Wijnants. Inner Bomber jacket by Issey Miyake. Rings by Austin James Smith. Shoes by Prada
Shirt by Christian Wijnants. Jacket and Leather jacket by Martin Asbjora. Latex hood by VEX. Jewelry by Austin James Smith
Jacket by KidSuper. Necklace by Austin James Smith


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