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CHANEL needs no introduction and the iconic French powerhouse has been paving the way in the industry as a trailblazing fashion and beauty leader for decades. The brand is truly timeless and intentional with every product - curating every detail to the most exemplary quality - gaining its reputation as a luxuriate. When it comes to beauty, CHANEL chronicles it as, "where shape meets colour, and shadow meets light. It is a dance between matter and illusion, between one’s imagination and one’s reality, between a woman and the destiny she defines for herself." And in fact, the brand holds a sacred trinity of "singularity, allure, and the act of becoming" when it comes to beauty. In line with its beauty mantra, CHANEL recently announced the COMETES COLLECTIVE - a group of emerging talents that will shape the future of beauty.

Among the three first artists to join the COMETES COLLECTIVE are Ammy Drammeh, Cécile Paravina, and Valentina Li. CHANEL stated, "The House is proud to partner with these artists, the deserving recipients of international acclaim for their creativity, their expertise, and their free and authentic visions of beauty." Thrilled to announce her role as Chanel Global Makeup Creative Partner, Ammy said, "Broadening the conversation around beauty and diversity has always been dear to me and I am honoured to have the opportunity to amplify a much-needed dialogue on creating a more inclusive vision of beauty." Her new team of collaborators Cécile and Valentina added similar sentiments. Starting this October, Ammy, Cécile and Valentina will add to CHANEL's beauty ideas of becoming via exploring the traditional way women see themselves. Each of the artists will channel their perspectives in their own seasonal collections as well as work together on collaborative releases. The first COMETES COLLECTIVE collections are expected to launch in January 2024.

Words by Sandy Aziz.

Valentina Li

Ammy Drammeh

Cécile Paravina

Cécile Paravina, Ammy Drammeh and Valentina Li


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