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It was Coco Chanel that described perfume as “the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure.” The iconic French powerhouse has since had a long romance with scent and perfume ambassadorships with many esteemed women including Kate Moss and Kiera Knightley. Continuing its tradition of selecting youthful and fresh women to represent COCO MADEMOISELLE, CHANEL names Canadian-Ugandan actress, Whitney Peak as the new face of the fragrance. Notably, while Peak is the first Black fragrance ambassador for the maison, she is already a CHANEL ambassador for the US and was part of the brand’s CHANEL 22 Handbag campaign. Alongside the brand’s previous collaborations, the actress already boasts an impressive career with roles in Hocus Pocus 2 and in the Gossip Girl reboot series.

CHANEL’s in-house perfume-creator Olivier Polge describes the fragrance as “an interesting combination that is simply hard to describe.” Polge highlights woody, amber notes, tonka bean notes and patchouli in COCO MADEMOISELLE. “It is never literal,” says Polge speaking about the raw materials in the perfume, namely the patchouli. Quite in line with that sentiment, Peak says there is a “mystique” and “mystery” to the perfume and “it doesn’t paint too big or full a picture… it leaves room for the imagination for women to embody the fragrance in their own individuality, however they want their own personality to shine through.” A relatable statement as perfume is both a personal for of self-expression and also an unseen, public display of disposition as Coco Chanel once stated. Peak chronicles her relationship with the fragrance, equating it to an actual extension of herself and her daily life - “without [my fragrance] I am incomplete.” The perfume has a duality to it that is described as “mischievous and provocative, independent and endearing” – all of which Peak feels she embodies. “I love to be unpredictable,” says Peak. That unpredictability coupled with her charm, youth and energy make her the perfect fit for the new fragrance and align her with the brand’s legendary, Gabrielle Chanel. The new COCO MADEMOISELLE campaign featuring Peak launches in March 2023.

Words by Sandy Aziz.

“Coco Chanel is that girl. She is unconventional.”


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