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HRTBRK is a collection inspired by the phases of love, since we fell in love, by the threshold that we walk after our heartbreaks and how we shine when we come out of darkness.

Christian Colorado born as an experimental brand that absorbs, transforms and appropriates

knowledge, which after a deep exploration and an appropriate enrichment in design, pattern making, industrial and artisan manufacturing techniques, it is consolidated and from 2015 it transforms its concept to the search for masculine individuality.

Understand the empathy of expressing the material extent of who we are; supplying the need and the current desire of the man at the time of dressing, feeling different and evolving in what has been the conventional style of the male wardrobe.

Words by Andy Durán

Photographed by Gato Rivero of his serie 'Back to Chinatown'

All outfits by Christian Colorado

Talent. Sam Valentine.


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