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Old Truman Brewery, London. June 8th, 2019.

For Spring Summer 2020 Band of Outsiders is taking us to the swimming pool. Imagining a vibrant and fun pool party, the brand developed a playful collection using Summer fabrics such as linen and cotton in coral, washed yellow and blue.

The prints for this collection have been designed by the Brooklyn based artist Amit Greenberg. He has created playful prints inspired by the risograph technique. The Pop, surrealistic prints are made of humorous scenes and elements one expects to see at the perfect pool party.

The brand SS20 collection embodies a feeling of a never ending Summer full of Joy. Amit is recognized internationally for his acclaimed aesthetic, Amit's vibrant and approach to creativity have led him to collaborate with Ikea, Colette and Birkenstock, just to name a few.

Band of Outsiders is also proud to announce this season's shoe collaboration with Age Official. The Korean brand is known for its unique design and soles. The collaboration features the age on and age cut sneakers with Band of Outsiders' signature colour block design.


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