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‘The Next Era’ tank top in black technical knit and lace pattern leather Skirt by Dior

Behind the lens, on any platform, whether it be social media or broadcast, is a human. Rarely does one find a like-for-like between one’s identity online and offline; to quote Anne Brontë "it is foolish to wish for beauty”. This quote becomes evermore poetic when speaking with British actress and writer Amelia Gething, as each expression and gesture not only shows why she was the perfect fit for her role as Anne in Frances O’Connor’s Emily, following the life of Wuthering Heights author Emily Brontë, but further confirms her authenticity. Normally when interviewing talent about their career, the interviewee spews a curriculum vitae. Not Gething, she blushes when admiration was expressed and dedicating her response to those that made the journey enjoyable.

Photographed by David Reiss. Styled by Alton Hetariki.

Makeup by Amy Wright at Caren Agency.

Special thanks to The Public Eye.

Aged sixteen, Gething was championed by the BBC when she was cast as the main role in The Amelia Gething Complex for two seasons, “[The Amelia Gething Complex] holds such a special place in my heart, because all of the cast and crew were so lovely”. The highlights of her career always boil down to how much fun was had and her admiration for the people she worked with. Gething’s next destination is fashion, where she has enjoyed attending various shows. Despite, “being someone who doesn’t come from a fashion background and you know, still wears hand-me-down fleeces and jumpers from my boyfriend and dad – it’s great to be able to go to these things”. This newfound experience offers something of a Cinderella moment for Gething, fashion being the glass slipper and her fleece being the transformation when the clock strikes twelve; whichever guise she chooses, Gething always looks angelic. For Gething, fashion is another extension of her character, “its almost like playing dress up…I feel like my bestest and baddest version of myself”. But this particular version of herself doesn’t always extend to everyday Gething, “I can’t quite keep up [with dressing up] in my day-to-day […] and I praise the people that can look that good all the time”.

Tulle dress with faux fur panels by Christopher Kane

“Embrace your own individualism”

Gething’s experiences of Paris and Milan Fashion Week were a whirlwind, her schedule was “very busy…jumping from one place to another”, with no time to process how starstruck she was with the fashion parade surrounding her. Gething was totally awe-inspired, inadvertently admitting that she had leapt into a new environment that was completely foreign to her. It was clear that she had learnt something new about herself – The Amelia Gething Complex extends to many more attributes that she did not anticipate. Gauging on her advice to find the special ingredients behind the Complex for the rest of us to flourish with creating content, her advice was to “embrace your own individualism”. Gething's appeal lies in her individuality and being the face of leading fashion houses such as Dior, she offers a feel-good factor and more importantly, sincerity.

Despite not having any expectations when attending the shows for SS23, Gething lit up when offering her insight into what mattered to her about the collections. Recounting what struck her the most during the process, she championed the diversity present in shows, “it was so great seeing the diversity of the models which I think is such a huge step forward; especially with BOSS, they had a variety of gender, race, height, all sorts”. When asked about a collection most notable to her, she refers to Victoria Beckham’s show in Paris, “it’s so lovely having a female designer making clothes for women”. Whilst living her “childhood fantasy”, she doesn’t shy away from talking about the shows beyond the clothes; for her, it is about representation, and this perspective comes from someone who explains to not have “had any specific training in the acting or fashion industry…I may feel out of place in certain scenarios”. Her special power in times of doubt? Staying true to oneself.

Crystal embellished heart t-shirt and frayed tweed mini skirt by Versace

“I am REALLY ENJOYING everything that I am doing at the moment”

When asked what the best fashion advice she’s received, Gething responds with down-to-earth advice from her fleece-wearing boyfriend, “Be comfortable, […] it's great to be snatched […] for an evening but on top of that, if you’re going out for food or something, you gotta make room”. Her priorities are clear, and freedom of movement should be embraced for the activities she loves, namely dancing.

With the release of this cover story, and Emily in cinemas now, Gething offers her wishes for the future. “I am really enjoying everything that I am doing at the moment”, humbly digesting the recent activities of fashion month and the many accomplishments since. When it comes to looking at the future, Amelia Gething simply says “I want more of the same”. In all of her contributions and projects, when she was comfortable and empowered, her company shared this too. After a light-hearted and delightful chat, farewells were made, concluding our exploration of the Gething Complex.

You can find this piece in the Fall Winter 2022 Issue 9: Purchase your copy here.

Issue 9 Fall Winter 2022. Amelia wearing sweater in red technical cashmere, mohair and silk knit with Dior brocart motif by Dior

Raya sequined dress with embroidered tulle overlay by Erdem

Flower embellished mini dress and pink double bow high heels by Mach & Mach


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