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When life has something big prepared for you, there is nothing you can do but take the opportunity when it comes. And that is the case of Ali, who after visiting all the model agencies in Paris, (who all closed their doors to him) was randomly discovered by Jeffrey Kolsrud who found him while he was working at a bakery in the French capital. Now, Ali has shot the Versace & Coach 1941 campaigns with Steven Meisel for this Fall Winter season... and we just bet that there are more good things to come.

Where are you originally from?

I was born in Tunisia I lived there until I was 7 years old. Then I moved to the French Riviera (South of France) and three years ago I moved to Paris, where I am currently based. I am a bit lost – often in Paris they say you are Tunisian, but when I am in Tunisia they say you are French –... what a strange world we live in.

How is your scout story?

One year ago, I was working at a bakery in Paris and a guy came in to buy a croissant. It turns out he was Jeffrey Kolsrud – the owner of Q Management –. He found something interesting in me and Q was willing to give me a chance. I had already gone to see all the agencies in Paris and they all shut the door on me – so I was very excited about the opportunity to start out with an agency in NY.

What are the peaks that you want to reach in your career as a model?

That's easy: I want to be the first Tunisian top model. And, of course, I would love to be on a cover and be the image of a fragrance, I am sure all those things will come. Also, I really want my platform as a model from Tunisia to be an example for other Tunisian kids who want to follow my footsteps. So, I hope I can help open some doors for the future, not just for me, but everyone.


Discover Ali Latif's full Q&A in Fall Winter 2018 - Issue 1. Get your copy here.

Photographed by Clement PJ Schneider.

Ali appears courtesy of Q Models Management.


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