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Photographed by Mathieu Puga. Words by Charlotte Coquelin

Alexandra appears courtesy of Premium Models. MakeUp by Kasia Furtak

Could you introduce yourself in a few words? Hello people, my name is Alexandra and I am a human being. I am 23 years old, and I work as a model. My soul is a traveller so I guess in a way I’ve met my destiny.

What country are you from and what country are you in?

I originally come from Slovakia, but I am based in Prague where I live when I am not traveling. I live there with my boyfriend and our Frenchie Luna. At the moment, I am enjoying the rest of my holidays in Slovakia and I just got back from a trip to New York. I'll be heading to travel for work soon but I don’t know where exactly yet.

Can you tell us 3 goals of yours for 2022?

I want to love myself, the people around me and just give love to everyone who deserves it. Want to take care of my body the most I ever had as well as to achieve my personal goals for work and get better in electronic music production. Do you have any travel plans organized for this year?

I don’t have them organized yet but I guess I’ll go to Germany for a while, to Paris and London and I’d love to finally travel for work to New York. What was your best modelling job and why?

I don’t know to be honest I’d say a beauty campaign for YSL beauty and Makeup forever and a BMW car commercial which felt more like filming a movie and that made me love it!

Who is your fashion icon/role model in the industry?

This is gonna sound a bit odd but I believe I don’t really have a fashion icon or a role model. I admire fashion designers and photographers and all artists that a model gets to work with which made me want to become a model in the first place. It’s huge teamwork so I don’t believe just a model gets to take all the credit. I admire everybody in the industry who never gave up and made all their dreams become true! Do you have a green thumb? Do you have a house plant? A little vegetable garden?

Yes, I do! I’d love to have more house plants but I and my boyfriend travel a lot so we can only have those that don’t need that much effort and care-take. Anyways it’s my dream to have a small vegetable garden when I grow up. What is your earliest memory of flowers?

In Slovakia when girls are small they’re making little tangled crowns out of dandelions and they’re pretending to be a fairy, so this one and just going for walks with my mom and collecting field flowers.

What is your favourite flower?

I love them all!

What is the worst type of flowers someone could ever offer you?

I believe there’s nothing like that, if a flower was cut from the land to get to me I’ll just cherish it the best I can and I’ll take the energy it offered me. Visually I am not a big fan of tulips but I would never say no to one! What have you changed in your daily routine to help fight climate change?

Well, I almost never take a plastic bag, I try to recycle and be aware of it. I don’t consume that much meat and when I do I make sure it’s not from mass production. I also try not to encourage fast fashion too much and make more aware choices when it comes to fashion.


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