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Paris. March 3rd.

The exclamation marks in Richard Artschwager’s “All in Good Time” are made of horsehair, one of the artist’s choices to employ exceptional materials which had no previous art history references. Albert Kriemler has selected this artwork as a link between his message for independent women of today and the signature fabric of Akris accessories. 'Horsehair was an unexpected fabric in luxury accessories when I chose it for the first Ai bag', Albert Kriemler says. 'It is super-lightweight for travel, animal-friendly, sustainable and understated for a new era of handbag refinement. In this collection, horsehair is celebrated in many details, sending a message of graceful resilience'.

'Colors are my passion', Albert Kriemler says. 'I discovered the fascinating Goethe Farbtafel series while researching the history of horsehair fabrics in the early 1800s and reading about Goethe’s Theory of Colors. As a poet, he explored the emotional value and psychological impact of colors'.

Three of the original “Farbtafel”(color displays) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749‒1832) inspired the prints in the Akris Fall Winter 2019 Collection.


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