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Updated: Feb 18

SRVC Fall Winter 2024 Collection. London Fashion Week, 17 February 2024

SRVC Fall Winter 2024 Collection. London, 17 February 2024

"This is the 217 to Turnpike Lane Station" is what the bus message would usually announce. Except these three TFL buses are out of service today because they are for SRVC (which is pronounced service).


A rainy Saturday morning, boarding London's iconic red double-decker buses and not for the commute, but for a chic escape -- or rather a run(a)way.


The brand's FW24 collection sets the scene by redefining the conventional dreaded feeling of commuting. Aside from being relatable for being on the run, the collection consists of uniform characteristics: wool co-ord sets, commanding shoulders, and asymmetrical, layered tailoring. The colour palette predominately plays on that of London's corporate 9:00am rush -- shades of blue, grey, brown and black. Serving office chic with a suitable travel twist, there are skirts with crew neck collar accents and buckles for adjusting the lengths. Of course there are also statement-sleeved button-up shirts with ties and form-fitting flared suit trousers.


The collection and show is a welcome and refreshing arrival to this season of London Fashion Week. See it, wear it, sorted.


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