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Rochas Fall Winter 2024 Collection. Paris, 28 February 2024

Rochas Fall Winter 2024 Collection. Paris, 28 February 2024

by Adam Chan

The illustrious Hôtel d'Évreux on the historic Place Vendôme became the enchanting backdrop for

the RochasAutumn/Winter 2024-25 collection, designed by Alessandro Vigilante, marking a

prestigious return to the heart of Paris. The salon, draped in hibiscus pink, exuded an aura of

timeless elegance, setting the stage for a captivating homage to feminine allure.

As guests entered the show space, they were greeted by a striking pink door, behind which lay a

mesmerising world of fashion. Pink draped curtains enveloped the space, creating an ethereal

atmosphere as models gracefully showcased Rochas' latest collection. Some stood, some reclined

on objects, while others sat, inviting guests to admire the garments as though they were marvelling

at exquisite works of art in an exhibition.

The collection, aptly titled "Fairytales For Adults," draws inspiration from the artistic milieu of

Marcel Rochas and the glamour of 1930s Europe. Embodying the essence of elegance, simplicity,

and youth, Vigilante's designs present a sensual fantasy for modern times, echoing Diana Vreeland's

iconic quote and unravelling the myriad desires and dreams of women through clothing.

Each piece in the collection, from trousseau to boudoir and travelling case, is a masterpiece of

silhouette and soul. Jewel tones and precious textures mingle with softly draped cocoon volumes,

hourglass tailoring, and the alluring negligée, capturing the essence of feminine beauty. Shades of

goldfinch yellow, margarita, ice blue, emerald, orangeade, and champagne evoke a story of

shimmering velvet, scalloped Art Deco lace, and quilted satin, enveloping the body in flowering


The collection's theatrical flair is accentuated by metallic accents, dry tweeds, and matte satin,

juxtaposed with opalescent surfaces that exude a shimmering softness. Pointed kitten heels adorned

with crystal bows, 3D hydrangeas, and festoons of silver ribbons add an unrivalled sense of drama

and whimsy to the ensemble.

In essence, the Rochas Autumn/Winter 2024-25 collection is a celebration of feminine panache,

seamlessly blending the nostalgia of the past with the allure of the present, and reaffirming

ROCHAS' legacy as a beacon of sophistication and style.

Images: Courtesy of Rochas


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