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Richard Quinn Fall Winter 2020 Collection. London, 15th February 2020.

In the occasion Richard Quinn extends an invitation to the opening of his fashion dreamhouse. Glamour, extravagance and optimism live behind the black-painted facade of this London address. Inside, its architect, decorator, designer and party-starter- has whipped up an interior populated with riotous color and high fashion fantasy.

Draped and smothered in outsize roses, glinting with pearls and crystal, poufed, panniered corseted, the Quinn house style is an inclusive extravaganza which runs the gamut of volumes and silhouettes. The celebration of elaboration now offers a new welcome to entrance-making gentlemen as super beaded super-flared wasp-waisted tailoring swaggers into fall in a subversive salute to Savile Row.

Richard Quinn couture fantasias are designed to with a mind to enhance good-time events on every continent. Nevertheless, the house of Quinn is a London enterprise to its foundations. Embedded in the line-up is a glorification of London working class couture: a procession of pearly kings and queens, their finery embroidered with the words GOD SAVE THE QUINN.


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