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London. Chelsea.

The show started with an old bus making its entrance in the backside of the Chelsea Postal Sorting Office, with Trap music welcoming the models that successively were coming down of it with such a strong presence. A different start but make clear the urban influence of Natasha Zinko's reflection. She defined a collection for real girls and boys with a chic-street-rhythm, that as well was reflected by a great casting selection.

The atmosphere created was accentuated with garments in deconstructed cuts such as dresses, skirts, and pants where fluorescent green, pink, black, and Denim garments were the main protagonists. We must also highlight the dresses and skirts with perfectly exaggerated volumes, the skirts with asymmetric cuts and the pieces made with elastic straps with the printed logo.

Words by Andy Durán

Look 1. Winnie Harlow

Look 3

Look 4

Look 7

Look 12

Look 15. Ayaana Stevens

Look 19. Barbra Lee-Grant

Look 21

Look 26

Look 30. Allyson Chalmers

Look 33

Look 35 -Closed- Shiyi Lin


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