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Joao Knorr has become the Brazilian model of the year with one of the most promising careers in the fashion industry. In the last 3 years and after starring in important campaigns and walking on the best catwalks for the most renowned designers, Joao continues to enjoy this new adventure that has become his life. He never forgets where he comes from and where he wants to go, and especially the importance of family and friends in his day to day life.

Words by Andy Durán.

Photography by Benoit Auguste. Styled by Nicolas Klam.

Above image credits: Graphic short-sleeves sweater by Hermès.

Trousers by Maison Margiela. Sphere ear cuffs and ring by Alan Crocetti.

* This is an interview extract. Find out the full version in the Spring Summer 2020 Issue 4 *

To start at the beginning, tell us a little about your origins - where you were born, where you grew up, where your last name comes from and where did you inherit your blue eyes from?

I was born in the south of Brazil in Rio Grande, in a little town called Panambi, where the roots are all European - German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, etc. I am half German on my dad’s part and Dutch on my mom’s part, that why I guess I have my blue eyes and my European look.

When was the moment you came to Europe or New York? Do you remember your first photo shoots and runway shows well?

The first time I left Brazil for fashion was in 2018 to Milan for my first fashion week in the winter, I was super happy at discovering a new country and culture and even more when I heard my first job was going to be opening the show for Versace as an exclusive. Those days were the most important of my career when I started going to a different level in fashion working with incredible creatives and visionaries.

What do you think is the most important skill that a male model must have to achieve the top level?

I feel like my personality has helped me a lot during my run in fashion. I have always been humble, trying to give more then I receive, and I had amazing people that always supported me and gave me motivation. I feel like your energy is one of the most important things for a model in fashion, being yourself is the best thing to do.

I feel like my personality has helped me a lot during my run in fashion.

Linen longline double-breasted blazer and tappered-fit trousers by Paul Smith. Ear cuff by Alan Crocetti.

You have starred in campaigns for Versace, Tom Ford and Philipp Plein - which had the most importance for you?

All those campaigns mentioned were dreams that came true for me, for me being so young as a person and in fashion I was feeling extremely honoured and happy to be working with these brands. All the knowledge I got working with those icons is incredible, the energy on set, the advice I’ve received, and the results were just amazing. From all those jobs Versace was my favourite one, as working with Donatella Versace, Steven Meisel and the other creatives on it was such a good experience for my career. Also counting all the doors that have opened for me in fashion from it, I can’t thank them more for all the shows and shoots we’ve done.

Double layer shirt and drawstring shorts by Loewe. Lucky Star earpiece by Alan Crocetti.

At this point where is that place you can call home?I live in NYC, but I call home where my friends and people I love live – so my home will always be Brazil. The last time I met you was backstage at Carlos Campos in New York. I saw there your funny side and a great sense of humour. Are you different when you are working on set?I always try to be myself wherever and whoever I’m with, like this I can give the best of my personality to people and I can give myself and people a pure and positive energy. Also being nice and charismatic to people is needed these days, it always comes back to you somehow.

Double-breasted jacket by Dries van Noten. Sphere ear cuff by Alan Crocetti

Photo assistant, Olivier Clertant. Stylist assistant, Sabina Groza.

João appears courtesy of Next Management Paris.

Read João's interview in the Spring Summer 2020 Issue 4. Get your copy here.

Cotton patch pockets shire, cotton wide leg trousers and large pocket jacket, all by Jil Sander

Shirt and assymetric trousers by Y-Project. Nose plaster by Alan Crocetti


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