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Updated: Nov 5, 2021

British model Jena Goldsack, had been featured in magazines for almost a decade, including 5'ELEVEN'' not long ago, but this time we wanted to hear directly from her about her highlights, models' tips, her passion, or her beauty hacks. Photographed by Emily Delphine with interview by MakeUp Artist, Camilla Hewitt.

Interview, makeup and hair by Camilla Hewitt at One Represents.

Tell us a bit about your background and how you became a model?

I was scouted in Falmouth, Cornwall when I was in college - that agency then actually rejected me (and so did about 8 others) until Models1 somehow saw some potential in me which was surprising because I had no eyebrows and the longest unkempt hair! Which jobs have meant the most to you or marked a step forward in your career?

I think shooting French vogue was the highlight and gave me a huge stepping stone from commercial to editorial modelling - I never really expected to go to the editorial side, at the time it was still very much all about the very tall runway girls doing editorial, I constantly had people telling me I was too short, even at 5'9'' - but nowadays it seems to be more balanced and you don't necessarily have to do Fashion Week to do a fashion spread in a magazine.

Apart from physical appearance what other attributes do you need to succeed/survive as a model?

100% a tough skin, you have to brush insults to the side every single day and a lot of people can't take it, which is fair enough, it's not normal to be told your appearance, something you were just born with, isn't right for what you do.

I think also turning it on set is a huge factor, if you are having a bad day, you have to do everything you can to make sure that doesn't come across on the camera, and that goes for the whole crew too, it causes an awkward atmosphere. We're not necessarily actors but we are always acting on set. I remember I was shooting a Versace campaign years ago and at lunch I got a text telling me my grandma had passed away - I had to take 10 mins for myself and try to put it at the back of my mind until I finished work, of course, it was hard and I remember having tears in my eyes for most of the shots, but I tried my best and at the end of the day that's all you can do. People on set remember how you act, and that can make the difference between getting booked again or not.

You are passionate about protecting our oceans and sea life, how has this affected your fashion and beauty shopping habits?

I'm very conscious about where I'm buying from, but I understand that is definitely a privilege. I've learnt almost too much more than I'd like to know about what fashion is doing to our planet, after all, ignorance is very bliss! but it is important to know. Even down to the microfibres of poorly made clothes shedding in our washing machines and ending up in the ocean, (you can buy a Get Yuppy bag to wash your clothes in which catches these fibers if you're interested) to what dyes are going into our clothes and polluting our waters. I'm a big vintage buyer, but that has definitely become 'trendy' the past few years which has made thrifting much more expensive, but there are always good cheap finds in charity shops - I find older clothes are made better too, after all, they've made it years and years to get back round to us! Beauty wise I'm a very simple buyer anyway, I love RMS beauty products as it doesn't have any of the rubbish in it you'd find in other concealers or foundation, and I'm very conscious of buying reef-safe sunscreen, people don't realize that them putting on chemical ridden sun protection can completely ruin and deplete coral reefs. What have been the best beauty hacks you have picked up from Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists you have worked with over the years? Haha, I've always said I'm really bad at doing my own makeup because my eyes are closed half the time I don't learn anything. But I have learnt that having a good face of makeup is reliant on a good skincare routine beforehand - it needs to go on a hydrated glowy surface after all. I'm always grateful when a Makeup Artist uses a Gua Sha and de-puffs me before they start my makeup.

Hair-wise, with my hair especially, I've learnt to keep it to one product and stick to it. I have a couple of curly hair brands I'll use when I get out of the shower but apart from that I'll just tong a couple of strands that have gone straighter over the years from heat damage, and that'll be it.

Modelling can be a springboard for other opportunities, what is next for you? Modelling is a great way to meet people, you're with someone different every day so I guess you are constantly networking without realising. I'm studying marine conservation at the moment and through social media and word of mouth more and more clients are interested, in and out of fashion. So hopefully what's next on the agenda is putting my studies into play and my goal is to help rebuild our ocean via coral gardening and restoration of tropical islands, which in turn will help local communities as well as climate change - people forget we are breathing oxygen thanks to our corals, not just our plants and trees on the land. Your favourite food: Salt and vinegar crisps.

One Movie: 'Parasite' of Bong Joon-ho

Facial: Skin Matters Notting Hill.

Brand: (vintage) Louis Vuitton.

Beauty brand: iS Clinical.

City: Barcelona.


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