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Milano. February 20th.

In his first collection as Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michelle promoted with most of his looks a new type of luxury that heralded in an era of comfort exaggeration and sporty chic which was widely hyped, and much copied. Now with his latest Fall Winter 2019 collection Michelle has boldly marked out his direction for the season.

With fantasy masks in leather, metal and plastic, necklaces with huge crosses, earmuffs, eye patches, shin guards and maxi glasses strongly evoke a need to protect ourselves from evil outside forces and give the wearer the ability to hide from the real world  - to choose freely what we want to show and what we do not. A radical way to be seen but never observed.

In addition to the recognizable "retro" air with which the designer illuminated the brand from the beginning we could also see in this collection touches of punk with the accessories of metal spikes like chokers, masks and in applications in certain clothes. And of course there were the amazing lace suits and the overflowing use of floral brocades in many of the garments together that have become a Gucci trademark.

Using flashes of light on the set that once again connoted that idea of being seen and not seen, the clothes that really stood out included the spectacular suit of black and white houndstooth, sequinned dresses, box suits, blazers with gold buttons and in different volumes and fabrics, high-rise pants, and the huge Hawaiian shirt that will undoubtedly be the success of the collection.

by Andy Durán.

Images Courtesy by Gucci.


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