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Updated: Sep 19, 2018

New York City, Pier 59 Studios.

Aftersun is without a doubt the most daring and brightest collection of Custo Barcelona that the designer has introduced at New York Fashion Week. Garments that made a toast to the most playful parts of the warm season and endless nights with a unique wardrobe for the evening with volumes, metallic colors, soft technological fabrics and unprecedented lines such as acetate dresses with finishes that resembled mercury liquid.

Each of the garments in this collection is an evocation of femininity that adorns that skin gilded by the sun. Mini dresses loaded with sparkles, jumpsuits with technical fabrics, jackets with holographic fabrics and silks and coats with fringes with iridescent shine, intricate pieces with mosaic pockets that combined fabrics of different weights and qualities and a wide range of colors and textures showing the unmistakable Custo hallmark.

Words by Andy Durán

Look 2. Diya Prabhakar

Look 8

Look 13

Look 28. Venissa Biggs

Look 29. Nuri Son

Look 31

Look 42

Look 45. Venissa Biggs

Look 54. Vanina Von Bürhen

Look 59


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