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  • Ashley Conor


Updated: Feb 29

Casablanca Fall Winter 2024 Collection. Paris, 28 February 2024

by Adam Chan

The Cirque D’Hiver in Paris provided a mesmerising backdrop for the unveiling of Casablanca's

Autumn/Winter 2024-2025 collection, a spectacle that seamlessly blended ancient Greek inspiration

with contemporary allure. As an attendee of this captivating showcase, I was treated to an

immersive experience that celebrated the brand's signature style while introducing innovative

collaborations and reimagined designs.

Before the models took to the stage, performers adorned in intricate costumes graced the runway,

enchanting the audience with mesmerising arm dance choreography. This captivating prelude set the

stage for a show that seamlessly fused artistry with fashion, leaving a lasting impression on all in


As the models strutted out in a parade of exquisite ready-to-wear garments, the essence of

Casablanca's aesthetic was palpable. The collection featured signature logo prints, bold graphic

designs, and a juxtaposition of autumn-winter essentials, including puffer jackets and knitted

mohair cardigans. The presence of both male and female models showcased the brand's dedication

to offering a diverse range of styles, with a selection of unisex garments adding to the mix. This

inclusive approach underscored Casablanca's commitment to diversity and fashion that transcends

traditional boundaries.

Embellished embroidery on sheer fabrics and jumpers added a touch of opulence to the collection,

while the showstopping presence of supermodel Jessica Stam brought the runway to a triumphant


The inspiration behind the collection, aptly named "Venus as a Boy," drew from ancient Greece,

offering a reimagination of classical beauty through a contemporary lens. Inspired by the Eleusinian

mysteries, the collection seamlessly fused classical elements with Casablanca's psychedelic identity,

creating a visual and conceptual bridge between the past and present.

Two notable collaborations were introduced in this collection: one with renowned artist Jeff

Hamilton, featuring intricately embroidered leather jackets adorned with seasonal artworks, and

another with Ancient Greek Sandals, reimagining their iconic silhouettes with embroidered laurels

and shearing details.

From tailored suits and draped blazers to one-sleeve dresses and wrap-skirts, the collection

showcased an array of textures and silhouettes, each bearing the hallmark of Casablanca's design

excellence and commitment to craftsmanship.

In essence, Casablanca's Autumn/Winter 2024-2025 collection was a testament to the brand's

unwavering dedication to redefining notions of beauty and design. By drawing inspiration from

ancient Greece and seamlessly blending it with contemporary sensibilities, Casablanca continues to

chart new territories in the world of luxury fashion.


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