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Updated: Jul 8, 2021

In our latest online fashion editorial shot by photographer Tim Ashton we go back to black with an enticing selection of sports-luxe essentials from brands Christopher Esber, Helmut Lang, Gary Bigeni, Alyx and Eres, styled by Ilkin Kurt. Keeping the look fresh Model Lucy Markovich's clean natural skin beauty look shines with a dewey glow.

Lucy Markovich at Priscillas Models shot by Tim Ashton. Styled by Ilkin Kurt.

Hair by Michele McQuillan using R+Co Products. Photo Assistant, Brett Clarke.

Bikini top by Eres. Wool pants by Christopher Esber. Hug chain bracelet by Louise Olsen
Wool pants by Christopher Esber
Earrings by Sophie Buhai. Vintage Bill Blass leather jacket. Swimwear by Eres
Black metallic jacket and pants by Gary Bigeni. Two button top by Alyx. Cotton waterproof Trenchcoat by Tibi
Deconstruct swimsuit by Christopher Esber. Cargo pants by 032c
Knit bra and brief by Joslin Studio. Socks by NISHIGUCHI KUTSUSHITA
Black singlet by Maggie Marilyn. Knit brief by Joslin
Louise Olsen X Alex and Trahanas brass and silver Chifferi earrings
Wool sweater by Helmut Lang. Vintage belt stylist's own. Knit shorts by Joslin Studio


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