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Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Paris. March 3rd.

Demma Gvasalia is reaffirmed as still being at the top of his game with his new collection and continues with the emphasis on exaggerated silhouettes that play with proportions, bordering on the extravagant, the attention drawing graphics and this time garments that bend slightly backwards.

There are wool trench coats with belts, leather jackets, and even parkas with hoods among other strong pieces that have been rendered into a modern and avant-garde tribute to the legacy of Cristobal Balenciaga.

The show itself used techno music, blinking lights and the closeness of the models with the public to enhance the dramatic scenario that helped showcase each look on the catwalk. Bomber jackets and blazers with huge shoulders with imposing and broad silhouettes, ruffled printed dresses, straight leg jeans, and the remarkable two-piece sets made of lush velvet fabrics contrasted with the tracksuit pants, the hoodies and the shirts.

And where were the sneakers? They will surely continue in future, but perhaps for this show the accessory stars were the bags that the models were carrying. 

by Andy Durán.


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