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Old Truman Brewery, London. June 8th, 2019.

Family is at the heart of the Ahluwalia Studio collection this season, a dedication to her mother’s impending nuptials, Priya Ahluwalia looks to nostalgia as a form of inspiration for Spring Summer 20.

Searching though old photographs of her grandparents, cousins and aunts pushed Ahluwalia to delve deeper into her family archives with her finding an affinity for a collection of images of her loved ones, sharing glimpses into their lives and her own childhood. Growing up in London at the height of the UK Garage music scene formed Ahluwalia to imagine a dream-like, psychedelic space featuring rave flyers and fly-posters. In this club like space, her family both past and present are reunited; a symbol of the connection of loved ones all together at a family gathering.

The tradition of passing clothes and possessions through families also plays a part in the inspiration for the season and continues the brand’s philosophy of changing fashion industry practices through inventive approaches. Knitwear from her relatives has been reimagined and tailoring comes from bespoke suits made in India, given to her by her Nana and worn by her late granddad, now recut and modernised. Completing the theme of family, gold jewellery pieces are featured, created in collaboration with jeweller Elena Croce, made from repurposed metals.

Further collaborators this season include: Trainers provided by Adidas, customised by Ahluwalia Studio. Socks provided by Burlington Socks and backpacks from Invicta, also customised by Ahluwalia Studio.

Through Ahluwalia Studio, Priya Ahluwalia, a University of Westminster Masters graduate, takes elements from her dual Indian-Nigerian heritage and London roots and explored the life of vintage and dead-stock clothing, using textile techniques to give them a new life.


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