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In our latest beauty editorial, shot in Greece by George Angelis. MakeUp Artist Marita Thoma-Politou says: "whether you're going for an edgy look or a more classic one, don’t be afraid of using bold colours. In this beauty story it was all about vibrant makeup looks that can be both playful and classy, highlighting the subject’s beauty in a variety of feelings."

Tanya Madisson at D Model Agency photographed by George Angelis.

MakeUp by Marita Thoma-Politou at Beehive.. Hair by Chrysanthos Smyrneos at Beehive.

Skin using Glossier. Eyes using NARS. Cheeks and lips using Dior Cosmetics.

Skin using Glossier. Eyes using Illamasqua. Lips and highlight using “The Egyptian Magic"

Skin and cheeks using Glossier. Eyes using Chanel. Lips using Korres

Skin using Glossier. Eyes using M.A.C. and Illamasqua. Cheeks using Bobbie Brown. Lips by Korres. All skin preps in all the looks using Korres

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